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ITA-MED Women's Breathable Abdominal Binder - 9 inches wide

I AB-309(W)
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Product Description

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Product Features and Benefits

  • This Women's Abdominal Binder is constructed from breathable elastic for contour fit. It has 2 adjustable pulls for better comfort and easy adjustment
  • The Binder decreases pressure and provides excellent support to the abdomen, waist and lumbo-sacral areas
  • It helps you return to your pre-pregnancy routine and wardrobe sooner
  • May help with menstrual discomforts
  • It can also be used as a breast binder
  • It features Velcro hooks for adjustment and a better fit
  • This Binder is comfortable to wear and is not noticeable when worn beneath clothes
  • Provides "Body Shaping" effect and can accommodate size changes

Highly recommended by Doctors and widely used for the following purposes:

  • After pregnancy as a postpartum abdominal support (especially after C-Section and as a Breast Binder)
  • After any other surgery in the abdominal area
  • By overweight people for improving balance, weight redistribution and for general slimming effect

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c-section, abdominal surgical procedures, back pain, abdominal pain, post-partum, overweight

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