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For many women, motherhood can be the classic double-edged sword.

On the one hand, ladies are overjoyed at the thought that they are carrying a life in their bodies. From the moment of conception, the vast majority of pregnant women already embrace the developing embryo as a member of the family, and treat him or her with unconditional love and devotion.

Ah, but then there’s the other side of the sword. Physically, most women just don’t feel like themselves. Backache, heartburn, morning sickness, constipation, the list is almost endless. Perhaps worst of all, they no longer feel attractive, owing to their weight gain, their daily aches and pains, and their body changes. According to the Seleni Institute, an organization that helps improve the emotional health of individuals and their families during the family-building years, several studies have found that pregnant women with negative body images are more likely to become depressed or gain excessive weight (more than what’s considered healthy) during pregnancy.

And then there’s the proverbial elephant in the room: sex. The fact is, while some women’s sexual desire increases during pregnancy, for others it is the opposite, depending on a variety of medical and physical factors:

  • Low Libido: While some women have a high libido during the first trimester, low libido during that time can be one reason for lack of sex drive, as the sudden surge of progesterone and estrogen, rather increasing sex drive, can do just the opposite.
  • Desirability: A 2017 survey of 2000 parents in England uncovered, among other findings, that more than eight in 10 mothers admitted that during the full 42 weeks of pregnancy, they only felt attractive for a small amount of time.

  • Not Feeling Up To It: This can be the biggest issue of all. Let’s face it, between the backaches, morning sickness, fatigue, and general “blah” feeling, many women just don’t have the stamina or the energy to engage in marital relations.

At Gabrialla, we can’t do much about the hormonal issues, but the other two issues fall right into our wheelhouse. We make a full line of medical and maternity support products, including maternity belts, postpartum girdles and binders, graduated compression hosiery and more. You might be thinking, “How can these products help increase a pregnant woman’s sex drive?”

The answer is quite simple: They help alleviate the aches, pains, and fatigue that so often occurs during pregnancy and subsequently inhibits sexual activity. Because they feel better, these women are more often “in the mood,” not to mention that they have more energy to devote to their romantic endeavors.

But it’s even more than that: our products have kind of a ripple effect. In our experience, we’ve seen that women who feel better physically (inside) are more motivated to take care of themselves cosmetically (outside). They place increased emphasis on their appearance, which has a positive impact in how they view their bodies. They feel more attractive and desirable, which ultimately leads to a corresponding increase in their sex drive.

In the British study cited above, a whopping 65 per cent of dads said they found their other half more beautiful than ever when she was carrying their child. And the same researchers found that nine out of 10 men polled still fancied their partner just as much when she got pregnant, while a full 83 percent still wanted to have sex with her.

Yet, the decision as to whether a couple will continue to have a healthy sex life during pregnancy rests almost squarely on the shoulders of the mother-to-be. Fortunately, Gabrialla products can provide a great deal of influence on that decision. And while there are other maternity support products on the market, none measure up to our quality, our use of natural fibers, our ergonomic design, or our effectiveness.

It should also be noted that our Gabrialla Collections – particularly our unique and revolutionary Body Shaping Lingerie and Shapewear - are perfectly suited for the postpartum woman as well: the one who may not have lost all her baby weight and needs a little extra help toning and shaping her figure. The ultra-comfortable, seamless designs and rejuvenating properties of our natural milk protein fiber combine to create shapewear that nourishes a woman’s body while providing the support she craves. Our Shapewear can have a similarly positive effect on her sex life as well.

There’s no question that we are not the only supplier of maternity and post-partum support products on the market. We are simply the best. Our products solve the issues of pain, stretch marks, poor circulation, balance and more. But unlike our competitors, our products were designed with extensive feedback from medical professionals to ensure that they perform in the most medically correct manner possible. What’s more, our products don’t sacrifice performance for style – they offer both.

After all, whether pregnant or post-partum, girls (and mothers) just want to have fun. 

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