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Compression stockings for nurses

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Nurses, stay on their feet the majority of their shift and often suffer from lower leg discomfort and fatigue, as well as edema, and varicose veins. Nurses often work twelve hour shifts with little or no break for their legs and feet. There are numerous reports that nurses often have to cut their career short, or find a less laboring job that doesn't apply such stress on the lower legs. Many recent studies seem to suggest that when someone suffers from leg discomfort and fatigue, their brains also suffer from fatigue. That can be scary considering many nurses' jobs are to save lives and they need to be as sharp, mentally and physically, as possible.

There are many things nurses can do to help relieve these symptoms. Standing up and stretching throughout their shift, wearing the right shoes, and even sitting from time to time, are all fantastic suggestions on how to alleviate these symptoms. However, adding compression stockings to the arsenal may be exactly what someone needs to finish their shift strong.


How graduated compression stockings work?

How compression hosiery work is quite impressive. These stockings apply necessary pressure to the lower legs and encourage blood flow throughout the legs. This prevents any pooling of the veins, and instead keeps the legs feeling extremely fresh and painless. Compression hosiery comes in different levels of tightness depending on your specific needs. Also, these products come in a variety of colors and styles and are very easy on the pocketbook. They can be ordered in knee high, thigh high, and regular sock styles, as well as specialty sizes for any size medical professional. Many medical professionals fear looking weak or inadequate in front of patients for having to wear a medically necessary device to assist them in doing the best job possible. However, with the styles and colors available now, patients will never notice what these amazing compression stockings and socks are truly for.

One of the most impressive aspects of compression hosiery for nurses is that they are not just being worn on the job. Many nurses and doctors alike are wearing these stockings during their everyday life due to the comfort and lessening of symptoms they are experiencing. The compression hosiery looks very natural, not at all like a medical orthotic.

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