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Milk Protein Fiber Maternity Collection

Introducing the New and Revolutionary GABRIALLA® Milk Maternity Collection. The unique newly developed Milk Protein Fiber has massaging, moisturizing and softening effect on the skin, breasts and nipples. It consists of 18 amino acids, which help reduce the risk of stretch marks and gives skin a nourished and rejuvenated look. Milk fiber provides more hydration and makes the skin soft, smooth and healthy looking.

Milk Protein Fiber is one of the finest examples of “Green” production technology, it is completely Natural, Breathable and has Anti-Bacterial properties. The naturally occurring amino acids in the fiber help improve blood circulation, allow perspiration and sweat absorption.

The GABRIALLA® Milk Maternity Collection includes Maternity Support Briefs, Nursing/Sleeping and Athletic Bra as well as Postpartum Briefs.

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