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Why and How to Choose a Maternity Belt

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Pregnancy is truly a miraculous and magical event in a woman’s life. The wonderfulness of those nine months and the noble feeling of carrying life is the most glorious occurrence to be experienced. It is a unique and special type of love, not just for the mother, but for the father as well. Carrying life is an emotional and overwhelming rollercoaster that also has its tough moments. Although the beauty of it all outweighs the difficulties, there is still morning sickness, sore breasts, and growing back pain to deal with. That's why choosing the right maternity belt is paramount and one of the best investments you can make in your pregnancy wardrobe.

What exactly is a maternity belt?

A maternity belt is a piece of clothing that looks like a tube top. It is a wide circular strip of fabric that is constructed to fit around your mid-section during pregnancy. Wearing a maternity belt can greatly help you during your pregnancy, especially if you are suffering from lower back pain, or hip and pelvic pain. Carefully designed to make pregnancy easier by lifting up your belly and providing back support, you simply need to wrap it around your back and let it work its magic.

Why would I consider buying a maternity belt?

Maternity belts can give you support without discomfort and can easily be worn under your clothes so no one will know you are wearing one. They are constructed from breathable, elastic fabric for optimum comfort and optimal airflow. Whether you are at work, exercising, or out shopping, maternity belts provide many benefits to pregnant women who want to stay active. They can decrease your back, joint, and muscular pain by supporting your lower back and baby bump during activities.

Furthermore, they can correct your pelvic posture by supporting the lower back and torso, thus preventing overextension of the lower back. Most importantly, many women have found that wearing a maternity belt after pregnancy provides additional support to the lower back and abdomen. Also, during pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through changes and this can trigger the first appearance of stretch marks. Luckily, maternity belts have shown to minimize stretch marks by supporting the tummy and preventing it from sagging. In addition, a maternity belt can be quite helpful to new mothers who suffer from a separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti).

What are the different types of maternity belts?

There are various types of maternity belts to choose from. There are those that you wrap around your back and are secured with a Velcro band. Thanks to the adjustable Velcro straps, this maternity belt will grow with you. They are easy to change size to accommodate your growing belly throughout the pregnancy, and are also easy to take on and off. The second type of maternity belt is the one that is similar to a tube top that you pull over your belly. You can also find a camisole-styled maternity belt, however this type of belt provides the lightest support.

Since every pregnancy is different, expecting mothers can also choose between light-support belts, medium-support, and strong-support maternity belts. The light-support ones provide the comfort any mother-to-be needs to stay healthy, comfy, and active during the pregnancy. They add compression and help stabilize the hips, provide abdominal and lower back support, and encourage flexible muscles.

Moreover, the medium-support maternity belts go all around the belly area and are one of the best maternity supports on the market. Recommended by pregnant runners, they can relieve moderate to bad pregnancy back pain and round ligament pain. This type of maternity belt creates warmth and increased blood flow to the lower back, and helps reduce the formation/worsening of stretch marks.

The strong-support maternity belts are recommended to women who are suffering extreme back pain, have pre-existing back problems, or who are carrying multiples. They are higher belts than the medium-support ones and cover more of the back. Therefrom, this belt is not recommended for particularly short or petite women.

Stay active during pregnancy

Fit Mom

Physical activity is beneficial for everyone, especially women who are pregnant. Staying active may reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy, help you adapt to your changing shape, and it can also help you cope with labor. If you are an expecting mother and wish to maintain physical fitness and overall health and wellness, then take a look at the GABRIALLA Running Mom Maternity Belt.

Widely praised, the  GABRIALLA Running Mom Maternity Belt is a finely designed maternity belt that promotes proper posture and balance. The perfect belt for active moms who maintain a healthy lifestyle, it will surely do an awesome job at supporting your back and belly. Exceedingly comfortable to wear against the skin, this belly band will be the closest thing you will have to a helping hand.

The GABRIALLA Running Mom Maternity Belt comes available in a wide range of colors and lacks tummy straps that can add unnecessary strain to your growing bump. What makes this maternity belt exceptional and a must-have is the medium support it offers that creates warmth and increased flow of the lower back. Enabling flexible muscles and therapeutic healing, this adjustable piece of remedial clothing will allow you to function more effectively. Moreover, wearing the maternity belt can also prevent stretch marks from forming. You simply need to detach the Velcro material and wrap the belt around your waist. The belt will be comfortably resting on your lower back while the front of the belt will be cradling the belly. Easy and pleasant to wear, moms of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles will adore it.  

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